First, what is ProResto?

ProResto is an App that presents you profiles to go to restaurant with.

And up to you to select one according to the discussion topic that matches the best your current mood.

What does a beta-tester do?

A beta-tester tests the app and comments it

Use the app free of charge ( free credits given ) and make some comments by mail ( ) or directly on Facebook or Instagram.

Comments could be:

-on the utilisation of the app ( easy to understand, description of unclear situation, new features to develop,…)

-on the selection of the restaurant ( was it easy to decide on which restaurant to go?)

-on the chat with guest


More information needed?

Let discuss few minutes by phone +32 476 900 234


book a call:


First download the app and create an account:

Then you can have access to your free credits with the code: TESTER

To let us know your comments:

ProResto thanks you for your help!